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A beautifully landscaped lawn is always a wonderful sight to behold; and provides a welcome visual respite. Depending on how well you maintain or remodel it, your front lawn can add character to your home and increase your property’s resale value. Yet curiously enough, your lawn can also be the main source of water waste in your propertyt.

Such was the case in 2011 when severe drought hit the humid subtropical area of northern Texas, which includes cities like Dallas and Plano. According to a January 31, 2012 article in the Huffington Post, the disaster slowly unfolded across the state, and killed millions of trees in its wake. This has forced many homeowners to opt for more rational Plano TX landscaping strategies that foster lower water consumption.

As a result of the yearlong drought, lakes shrank, while wildlife struggled with the intense heat and lack of critical water supply. Water bills across the state also shot up tremendously. Amid all the desolation, local officials voiced their optimism that such a phenomenon may provide Texans and other people in the Southwest region with the impetus to adopt more sustainable landscaping practices.

In response to the protracted dry season, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department released a “Drought Survival Kit”. This kit, it was hoped, would educate residents facing the possibility of more arid weather forecasts about how they can have beautifully landscaped lawns or gardens, and reducing water wastage at the same time. This entails gradually replacing existing ornamental plants with wildscapes, which consist of native plants or shrubs that require less water to survive, and can withstand extreme heat.

Such a move is best carried out by way of professional Plano landscaping services from established companies with the likes of Pro Cut Lawncare & Landscaping. These landscaping experts not only create beautiful and environmentally-friendly landscape designs, but also provide essential lawn care and maintenance services. With their help, one can have a low-maintenance garden that remains beautiful all year round yet consumes much less water than a typical garden or lawn.

More importantly, homeowners everywhere must also realize that water conservation is not something to be concerned about only during times of severe drought; since it should be a continuous effort, as urged by many water suppliers across the country. Since an ill-matched garden or lawn is one of the biggest contributors to water waste, local residents may want to consider hiring a professional landscaping expert to carry out the necessary changes.