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Landscaping in Plano, TX as Solution to Liven Up Concrete WallsLiving in the flat plains that the city of Plano were named after is a privilege for residents in the area. Many delight in the fact that it is nature that greets them first every time they open their doors. However, not everyone will be able to marvel at such an experience anymore as walls that have risen to safeguard a new neighborhood have robbed some people of Plano of a century-old farm and farm animals like cows and llamas they once loved to gaze at.

According to Steve Toler of WFAA, the controversial walls have caused quite a stir among homeowners near the area under construction. While some residents are able to accept the change that is beginning to alter the landscape of the district, others such as Mary Baze are far from delighted with the development. Home builders have reportedly met with homeowners and city leaders, and agreed that a sidewalk and goodlandscaping in Plano, TX can soften the look of the frigid walls.

Indeed, landscaping may just be the solution that will prevent further conflicts in the community. Through creative landscape experts such as those from Pro Cut Lawn Care and Landscape, the area, which some residents claim has changed the once serene farmscape, can be made beautiful and relaxing again. A good landscape can be achieved through the proper choice, combination and arrangement of plants and ornaments to give a space a new personality.

Baze has expressed concern that by being closed out by walls, they will be made to look like the poor relatives of the future owners of the expensive homes. To ally this fear, she can discuss with Plano landscaping professionals what can be done to give her home a new and sophisticated look; landscaping, after all, has been proven to increase the value of properties. Adding water features like waterfalls, pond or fountain, or having neon-colored blooms can make any home look elegant, even if the house is simple to begin with.

In the course of another two or three months, houses are expected to rise witin the walled expanse in Plano. Initially, each will be worth around $300,000, and the price will either rise or fall depending on the changing real estate trends. Hopefully, the walls that had people talking will look less like a fortress and instead, complement the neighborhood through appropriate landscaping, with the help of experienced landscaping professionals.

The home developers in Plano may be giving outsiders a ticket to live a good life in the city through the houses they’re building, but they should not do so at the expense of long-time residents. Developers should be considerate enough to pursue their plans for a landscaping project that will brighten up the dull walls. Doing so will not bring back the farm that is part of the residents’ lives, but it is a project that can show residents that they, as builders, care.