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When building a new house, especially in areas as big as Texas, landscaping is one of the phases that get homeowners excited. It is a way for people to express their ideas and creativity while the joy of seeing the houses’ surroundings transform into something beautiful makes the process worth it. Apart from owners of new houses, homeowners who are planning to sell their houses will also benefit from landscaping, as several studies show.

“A landscaping investment could potentially pay a 215% return in home value, says Margaret Woda, a Realtor with Long & Foster Real Estate in Crofton, Md. While you may only recoup 68% of kitchen renovation fees, Woda says landscaping is money well- spent.

Keeping up with the Joneses is important, says Lucco. If your neighbors’ yards are run-down, spending a lot on landscaping isn’t worthwhile. But if your neighbors have renovated homes with beautiful greenery, you need to do the same so buyers don’t move on to homes with better curb appeal.”

Having excellent roofing and siding is great, but an eye-catching landscape will further boost the chances of your property being noticed by more buyers. Opting for custom landscaping in Plano, TX is one of the best investments you can make before parting with your old house.

landscape your home to sell

By hiring a trusted company specializing in custom Plano landscaping services like Pro Cut Lawncare and Landscaping, you will be able to increase your house’s curb appeal and at the same time, express yourself through the elements that you want to be seen in the landscape. You can pick the types of trees, plants, shrubs, and flora that you think will increase the aesthetic value of your home. If you feel that there is a need for key items that will accentuate the greenery, you can have these companies build custom carpentry in the form of pergolas and arbors.


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