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The Adapting Lawn

The Adapting Lawn

A Lawn Adapts to the Way You Treat It

Many lawn owners don’t know this, but a lawn will change depending on how it is cared for and treated. Since a lawn is a collection of millions of living organisms, these organisms will expect the same treatment that they have been subjected to, and will adapt accordingly in preparation for that continued treatment. This is important to keep in mind when caring for your lawn.

Imagine a lawn owner indulges their lawn with regular watering, regular feeding, as well as a continuous exposure to various pesticides. Over time, the lawn will expect this treatment and will adapt itself accordingly.

If you spend a lot of time watering your lawn, the grass plants will grow accustomed to regular watering. If there is suddenly a period of time where this regular watering stops, then the plants will be much less likely to survive because they are not receiving the water that they were accustomed to, and had begun to expect. A lawn that is more used to periodic droughts will be much more likely to survive because it has already adapted in expectancy for it.

This also applies to a plant’s exposure to pesticides. Pesticides are designed to fight off insects and disease, and this stops a plant from obtaining its own natural resistance to attacks. If there is suddenly a period of time where the plant is not exposed to pesticides, then this will stun the plant and it will not be able to create its own natural resistance.

This is very important lawncare tip to take into consideration when deciding how much you will be watering, feeding and spraying your lawn, because the routine that you choose will definitely change the way the plant will respond when those routines are suddenly disrupted. It is often wise to choose a routine where the watering, feeding and spraying of pesticides is not too regular, as the plants will grow accustomed to this and might become weaker.

Lawncare can sometimes be troubling for this reason, as you don’t know if what you are doing might subject your lawn to later harm. In Planto, TX it is very important to take the regular heat into consideration when deciding how much to water your lawn, as a sudden drought will effect the lawn even more than it would in a colder, more moderate climate. Keep these tips in mind the next time you reevaluate your lawncare plan.


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January 18, 2015