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Ideally, seeding over your existing lawn to improve the condition of the turf or to patch up some bare areas should be done late in the summer or in early autumn. Your grass seeds are best able to retain moisture during these seasons. They will also be able to grow more efficiently when not subjected to the extreme temperatures of summer and winter. Here are some steps to take when planning overseeding as part of efficient lawn care in Plano, TX.

Clearing up

First, mow your lawn down to about 1 ½ inches to allow the seeds more access to the sunlight. Remove any layer of thatch (dead organic matter on top of the soil) along with the grass clippings, as this will keep the seeds from germinating. You should then look into the most efficient way to loosen the soil of your lawn (such as roto-tilling and aerating) and apply it.

Soil Preparations

Determine the pH of your soil by hiring a professional, or by using a testing kit yourself, then apply some lime to balance out the pH should it be needed. Next, apply a topdressing of compost to the top of your lawn, making sure that you use only a very thin layer. Otherwise, it might kill your existing grass.

Seed Spreading

Spread the seeds according to the recommended amount specified in the packaging. You can use any of the many varieties of mechanical spreaders around or you can opt to do it by hand. Gently rake the seeds to help them settle into the soil. Then, apply a fertilizer that is appropriate to your lawn conditions.

It is important to water your lawn immediately after seeding. According to an article on WikiHow.com, it is also important to:

Continue to water the lawn frequently, 3 to 4 times daily for at least the first several weeks to ensure proper germination. Once the grass seed is firmly established, water the lawn for longer periods less frequently.

Get your yard all set up for the cold months by doing efficient overseeding as soon as you can. You should also hire professional Plano lawn service professionals like Pro Cut Lawncare and Landscaping to better spruce up your yard and landscaping for you. In doing so, you can ensure that your yard will remain healthy and a pleasant sight even throughout the winter.

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